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Zoltav is a Russia-focused oil and gas exploration and production company. 

Zoltav holds the Bortovoy Licence in the Saratov region of South Western Russia, a 3,215kmĀ² area with producing gas and oil fields and scope for significant additional production from undeveloped fields. Zoltav also holds the Koltogor Exploration and Production Licence and Koltogor Exploration and Production Licence 10 in Khantiy-Mansisk, Western Siberia, which contain the Koltogor and West Koltogor oil fields respectively.




We have recently become aware of offers for employment purporting to have been made by Zoltav via email; as well as the existence of websites purporting to be affiliated with Zoltav. Such offers may request that the individual provides personal details such as bank account and passport numbers or the payment of fees. The individuals responsible for these job offers and imitation websites have no connection with Zoltav. We urge anyone who has received such emails not to divulge any personal details.