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Zoltav’s board of directors and senior management is reflective of our commitment to good corporate governance and to maintaining a team with relevant expertise.

Tigran Tagvorgan joined Zoltav in November 2018, initially as Deputy Chief Executive Officer, prior to his appointment as Chief Executive Officer in April 2019. He has significant senior level project development, finance, management and infrastructure experience within Russian supermajor oil and gas businesses. From 2013 to 2018, Tigran led the Russian gas business development and strategy divisions of Rosneft, where he led the development and implementation of its rapid gas production growth strategy. From 2002 until its acquisition by Rosneft in 2013, Tigran held various senior positions with TNK-BP, including Deputy Director General of OAO East Siberia Gas Company, a regional gasification joint venture project with the Irkutsk Oblast Administration. Tigran holds a BSc in Business and Management from the University of Maryland University College and a higher degree with excellence in Management from Irkutsk State University.

Yuri Krasnevsky joined Zoltav in May 2018. He has over 30 years of experience in geological exploration and production in Russia. He has held senior technical positions with major energy businesses including with NK Novyi Potok and Bashneft, prior to which Yuri worked at both TNK-BP and Rosneft. As Vice President for Geology and Field Development at Bashneft, Yuri gained significant geological experience in carbonate and terrigenous rocks of Carboniferous and Devonian formations in the Bashkortostan and Orenburg regions. He also was involved in the exploration and development of Devonian carbonates on the Trebs and Titov oil fields in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug. As Director for Geology and Field Development at Zoltav, Yuri is overseeing the further development of Zoltav's assets. Yuri is a graduate of the Gomel State University and has a degree in geological engineering and hydrogeology.

Lea Verny was appointed as a non-executive director in December 2016 and subsequently as non-executive chairman in March 2017. She has significant and high level corporate finance experience, with particular expertise in Russia. Since 2008, Lea Verny has acted as an independent financial adviser on cross-border transactions. Prior to becoming an independent consultant, Lea Verny served as a private banker with Banque Pictet, Switzerland, where she was responsible for developing the bank’s activities in Russia, following a career of more than a decade with HSBC. From 2001 to 2007, Lea Verny was Head of Investment Banking for HSBC Bank plc in Moscow, during which time she advised on structured transactions for large Russian and CIS corporations including Lukoil, Rostelekom, Eastern Oil Company and Rosbank. Between 1997 and 2001, Ms Verny was a representative of HSBC Investment Bank plc in Russia, where she was responsible for establishing the bank’s presence in the country and developing opportunities specifically within the oil and gas sector. Lea Verny holds a Bachelor's degree in Statistics and International Relations from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem as well as an MBA from INSEAD in France.

Alexander Gorodetsky was appointed as a non-executive director in September 2015 and is the chairman of the nomination and remuneration committee. He has a wealth of commercial experience in Russia and the CIS, including over two decades in the international oil and gas industry. He began his career in 1995 within Alfa-Eco, a leading gas and oil trading business in Russia, before joining TNK and, later, TNK-BP. He is currently the general partner of Strategy Capital Advisor Limited, a private equity fund established in 2009 with approximately $0.5 billion under management and a mandate to invest in projects, including within the oil and gas sector, across the former Soviet Union. Alexander Gorodetsky led the successful sale in 2015 of SANORS, a leading Russian petrochemical company under the management of Strategy Capital Advisor Limited, to Rosneft. Prior to Strategy Capital Advisor Limited, Alexander Gorodetsky was first deputy to the chairman of the board of East One Group, an international investment advisory group providing strategic and investment management services to a diversified portfolio of companies. During his time at East One Group, he assisted in the strategic development of over 25 portfolio companies including GEO ALLIANCE Group, one of the leading independent oil and gas exploration and production groups in Ukraine. From 2000-2006, Alexander Gorodetsky was president/business unit leader for TNK-BP Ukraine. He contributed significantly to the increased brand awareness of TNK-BP in the Ukrainian market, where it is among the leading oil and gas companies.

Andrey Immel was appointed as a non-executive director in September 2015. He is an experienced Russian corporate lawyer. He has, since 2012, been the head of the legal department of Moscow-based Contact-Service LLC, a real estate company, where his responsibilities include corporate governance and the provision of legal support for transactions. From 2008-2012, Andrey Immel worked for Himuglemet, a manufacturer of conveyer band and other components for coal mines, both as legal counsel and as a corporate and tax lawyer. His responsibilities included legal due diligence and support for corporate transactions.